Windows Central editor Jez Corden said in an April 1 post to Twitter that Project Scorpio will be “shown off very soon,” confirming after the fact that his statement was not an April Fool’s joke. The gaming insider known as Shinobi602, a previously-reliable source for gaming leaks, said that news is coming this week and that the hardware inside the system “sounds damn impressive.” Meanwhile, the Inner Circle Podcast, an Xbox-focused podcasting group, said that we should expect a reveal to come via Eurogamer‘s Digital Foundry on Thursday.

So what’s Phil Spencer saying? The Xbox boss is, of course, being tight-lipped on the matter. But he responded to a tweet to say that we’ll “hear more soon,” and apologized for the wait.

Don’t expect a price tag or even a look at the system itself

Giving out too much information right now would suck the wind out of Microsoft’s E3 sails. Don’t expect a price tag, a game list, or a look at the console. Instead, from what all these sources are saying, we should expect to hear about the hardware powering the system. We’ll have a better idea of just how powerful the system is, and we can start guessing about things like price based on the information the reveal is likely to provide.

This news is strictly rumored right now, but it seems like a likelihood. We’ll be waiting with bated breath for Thursday.