Project P-100 is a temporary name. It's also a Wii U game that Nintendo hasn't said much about. It was a no-show during both Nintendo's presser and their developer round table.

P-100 is a title from Platinum Games, the studio responsible for Bayonetta and Vanquish. No, P-100 is nothing like either of those titles.

This cute title features super heroes determined to save the world from an alien invasion.

Crowd-based action.

The whole gist of this game is that players control one hero as he controls a group of lesser heroes and saved civilians. It's comparable to, perhaps, Pikmin in that P-100 is about moving and wielding a cluster of characters rather than an individual.

That cluster can form into shapes; a sword, a gun and a fist were each part of the demo in Nintendo's booth. Those shapes consume energy, but they're capable of massive damage against enemies both large and small.

Getting that energy back requires you to use a standard, weaker melee attack. The game is essentially a process of constantly earning energy in order to assume forms and carry out big attacks.

It's charming and original.

The bright colors, the crazy characters in the look of the game are completely outside of Platinum Games' standard delivery. I didn't exactly think, "Bayonetta!" when I saw P-100 in motion. It's different, and it's original.

Which begs the question, why wasn't Nintendo showing this off more heavily. There weren't many stations for the game on the floor, and there was only one in the press area.

It looks awesome, it's a blast to play and it's genuinely one of the most interesting Wii U titles. It and Pikmin 3 are honestly looking like two of the best games for the system's launch.

As more comes for Project P-100, we'll be on it.