Currently conceptual vaporware, Project Glass is the codename for Google's augmented reality HUD-stlye glasses. We're not sure about you, but the name Project Glass makes us think of an Apple Store, something that we highly doubt Google wants anyone doing. So what's El Goog to do? Those crafty sleuths at TechCrunch have done a bit of digging and found that the search giant has owned the domain name since June 2003.

Though there's nothing guaranteeing that Project Glass will carry the retail name Google Eye, it sure doesn't make us think of the competition. If you ask us, the more suitable name choices would be Google Glasses or Google Goggles, with the latter being currently tied into Android's ecosystem. Rumored to possibly hit store shelves as soon as the end of the year, if the final product is anywhere near its awesome concept video, Google can call it whatever they want.

[via: TechCrunch]