Well this is awesome. After spending a week with Project Fi in Europe on a Nexus 6, I’m super excited about when Google begins extending support to other phones. Unofficially, it looks like one of the first is already the Moto X Pure Edition.

CNET, in the process of its review, tossed a Project Fi SIM card into the phone and found that it was able to set up the service after downloading the Project Fi application. There seem to be some issues blocking full support, though, but maybe it’s possible these can be fixed with a future software update. For one, CNET seems it looks like it’s limited to HSPA+ on T-Mobile instead of LTE. Wi-Fi calling works, though, which is a highlight feature of Project Fi.

No word on if Google will make this official, but I’ll be the first in line for a Moto X Pure if it does. Hit the source for more.