Google’s new Nexus lineup isn’t available from any carriers, and that means paying for the entire device upfront. However, there is one way to spread out the cost a bit thanks to Project Fi, Google’s wireless network service.

AndroidCentral points out that if you’re buying the Nexus 5X or Nexus 6P directly for Project Fi, you can opt to pay for it with a 24 month finance plan. That comes to just $15.79 per month for the Nexus 5X instead of at least $379 upfront. For the more powerful Nexus 6P you’ll pay at least $27.04 per month instead of $649 all at once.

Google does require a credit check. You also have to pay for sales tax and shipping when you place your order, but that’s it. You can pay off the rest of the device over the next two years, or take care of the entire thing at once whenever you want.

The one catch is that you need access to Project Fi, which is still only available with an invitation from Google. If you have an invite on hand, or already use the service, you can order a new Nexus device with a finance plan now. If not you’ll have to request an invitation and hope for the best.