Google’s Project Fi, still in early testing among consumers who are invited to test out the carrier service, offers several benefits to end users. It’s easy to see and manage your data, you only pay for the data you use, and your calls are routed over mobile and Wi-Fi networks. But there’s something else that might attract you to the service.

Android Central discovered recently that, if you purchased a Nexus 6 during your Project Fi setup, you can actually have it replaced for just $100 “no questions asked.” It’s a one-time option for damaged devices, but it’s also an attractive reason to go with Project Fi over another carrier that might instead charge you insurance fees.

The offer is only valid within the first 12 months after purchase, however. And, again, it doesn’t apply to the rest of us who had regular Nexus 6 units sitting around and decided to give Project Fi a whirl: it’s only available for folks who bought the Nexus 6 during the Project Fi signup.