I got a package in the mail recently from Google. But not Google PR. It’s from Google Project Fi, since I signed up for it earlier this year. The company is sending out small little gifts to early adopters. I opened the package expecting it to be some sort of candy for the holidays, but it’s actually a set of Legos.

I figured it might be fun to build it together, holiday spirit and sharing and all that. So here we go.


Here’s the box. It’s pretty standard. I got excited and ripped the sticker off while I was opening it.


Here’s what’s inside. A set of instructions, a bag of Legos. A nice “thank you” note.


OK let’s get to building. I don’t want to give away the surprise.


We’re getting there, the foundation is in place.


Digging the blue layer. What are we building?


Is it a house?


No! It’s a smartphone stand. Sweet! There are extra parts for building a cable organizer, but it appears I don’t have all of them. Oh well, this is cool. Thanks Google!