Google on Tuesday announced Project Fi now supports data-only devices, meaning subscribers can use tablets with the wireless service. Surprisingly, Google has committed to supporting devices outside of the Nexus family, including the iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2 and Galaxy Tab S. Google says current subscribers can order a data-only SIM at no extra cost, though there will be a monthly charge of $10/GB.

Below is the full list of compatible devices.

  • Nexus 7 – K009 (US LTE)
  • Nexus 9 – 0P82300 (US LTE)
  • iPad Air 2 – Model A1567
  • iPad mini 4 – Model A1550
  • Galaxy Tab S – Model SM-T807V

In addition to the list, Google said data-only SIMs may work with other devices not on the list so long as they’re unlocked and can work with T-Mobile. And, if you want, a data-only SIM can be setup with a phone, though you won’t be able to make calls or text; you will, however, be able to use messaging apps that require a data connection, so Facebook Messenger and the like should be fine. Pricing is set at the standard $10/GB.

If you have a Project Fi account, you can order a data-only SIM from your account page starting today. Subscribers can order up to 9 data-only SIMs, which sounds like a great deal for families.