Despite some delays, the newest racing franchise to hit the pavement is doing pretty well. Slightly Mad Studios has sold over 1 million units of Project CARS since its May 7 launch.

Studio head Ian Bell said in the announcement that “the community were instrumental in guiding the game, giving us feedback daily on each build iteration, telling us what needed improving, highlighting what they’d like to see included, and ultimately approving it as the racing game of their dreams.”

“Even with this amount of early indication, it wasn’t until the first review scores came in that we truly realized how much Project CARS had resonated with media, racing professionals, and gamers around the world.”

Bell says the team will have more to discuss about the franchise “very, very soon.”

This is a good time to be a racing fan. Games like Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon are established properties, Driveclub brought something new to the table even with its troubled launch, and now games like Project CARS and Assetto Corsa are bringing the PC side of racing to consoles.

The success of Project CARS assures of us two important things. The first is that we’ll definitely see a sequel. The team has the engine and production process down, and it should be easier to build and put out a sequel from here. The other is that, with a successful racing title under their belts, Slightly Mad Studios should have an easier time getting some of the bigger car licenses that may have evaded their smaller, independent budget.

The Wii U version of Project CARS is still in development, but the game is currently available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.