Project CARS has a new trailer showing some of its gameplay in 60 glorious frames per second. In an accompanying blog post, Slightly Mad Studios' Andy Tudor confirms that the game is still just a few months away.

If you're reading this article in Google Chrome, make sure to watch the above trailer in 1080p60 to get the best effect.

In addition to the silky-smooth framerate on that trailer, Tudor gives us an idea of what we can expect from the game. While racing and laps are, for the most part, linked together pretty intimately, we can expect different approaches, including nods to Formula 1, German Touring, and Stock Car racing. Tudor says that the team "wanted to ensure the cars in the game represented truly global motorsports with each of their rules and formats intact." The team has assembled 250 miles of tracks, and calls it "the largest track roster of any recent racing game." We can also look forward to some detailed personalization options that will let us tune elements like handling so that we can play the game like a simulation or an arcade.

The game is coming to platforms other than PlayStation 4, but a solid performance by Project CARS will be a relief to PlayStation fans who found themselves out in the cold with Driveclub's lackluster launch.

And while Tudor does say the game is a few months away, nowhere does he or the trailer make any mention of the previously announced March 17 release date. With that date just two months away, it's pretty telling for them to leave that date out. At this point, developers are usually trying to get word out about the release date as much as possible. With the "few months" time frame and a lack of release date, it wouldn't be surprising to see Project CARS pushed back to late April.

Project CARS is on track for a 2015 release date for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.