A new report claims Google is heading to Mobile World Congress next month with Project Ara, the company’s still-in-development modular smartphone. The upcoming presentation could include a quick demo of the device and up to 50 different swappable modules from a variety of manufacturers, according to gadget blog STJS.

The report adds that Google still isn’t tapping top-tier companies like Samsung, HTC, Sony and Motorola for Project Ara modules. Instead, the search giant has partnered with lesser known firms like Yezz, which confirmed the partnership earlier this week. Hopefully we’ll also get a look at the custom version of NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 processor designed for the modular phone.

Once Project Ara finally launches you’ll essentially be able to design your own phone, swapping out different components like cameras and batteries based on personal preference. Unfortunately, Google still hasn’t revealed when the device will be available or how much it might cost, though the first trial run is set to kickoff in Puerto Rico later this year.

Hopefully we’ll learn more about Google’s plans next month, assuming the company really does make an appearance at Mobile World Congress 2015.