Will Project Ara ever actually launch? The modular smartphone of our dreams was supposed to hit the ground this year with a pilot program in Puerto Rico, but it looks like those plans have changed.


The program, which is part of Google’s Advanced Technology & Projects (ATAP) group, announced on Twitter that its market pilot will be re-routed. More details are coming next week, though for now the company noted that fans in Puerto Rico won’t be abandoned entirely. Still, this is a pretty big blow for anyone eagerly waiting on the modular Android phone.


Google says it’s “just recalculating,” but we’re not really sure if that’s good or bad news. We assume this means the entire launch has been pushed back. Then again, the company could surprise us with an early release somewhere else. Hopefully we’ll get the full story next week.

Project Ara is an entirely new type of smartphone that lets you swap out individual components. So you can upgrade the processor when a better one comes out or make room for a bigger battery before taking off an a long trip. The only component that won’t change is the skeleton frame, which is set to come in small, medium and large size options.

Google demoed Project Ara in action earlier this year at its I/O conference, where the company managed to boot up the device onstage and even snap a picture of the audience. It’s pretty awesome, so hopefully Google has some good news to share next week once it clears up this Project Ara mystery.