Google held another Project Ara Module Developers Conference today to talk about the future of its modular smartphone. Unfortunately, the device isn’t headed to stores just yet—unless you live in Puerto Rico where it will be market tested later this year—but in the meantime we have some awesome new pictures of the latest prototypes to drool over. Seriously, this phone looks as gorgeous in design as its hardware is innovative.

The photos, which were taken by Google and published by The Verge, reveal just how much work has gone into every little detail of Project Ara. The whole point of this device is that you can make it your own, whether that means a better camera, a bigger battery or a pollution sensor. Of course, that extends to the surface as well. Each module comes with its own design or image on top, allowing you to tell a story with your phone or just stick with an all-black design if that’s more your style.

We can’t wait to see what’s next for Project Ara once the new phone finally makes its way from concept to real product. Until then, we’ll be scrolling through these new photos and dreaming up ways to customize our own modular smartphone.