This morning I found an email from Google in my inbox alerting me that the Project Ara Scouts program had come to an end. For a moment I was worried the company might have abandoned its modular phone project, but it turns out Google had some good news instead. Project Ara had moved into beta testing, and the search giant is sending 100 prototype handsets to beta testers around the world.

Since first launching in late 2013, the Scouts program has amassed 30,000 subscribers who completed challenges and answered questions to help guide Project Ara development. Out of that massive user base, Google picked 100 lucky fans to test out the physical device. They'll be receiving the phone for free, though it's unclear exactly when that might happen.

With the Scouts program over, the remaining 29,900 members won't have any new missions in the immediate future, but Google promises there's still plenty more to do. The company says it should be another eight months until Project Ara hits the market, though it's possible the device could hit a few delays along the way. To stay involved, click the source link below and sign up for future updates at the bottom of the page.