As if we needed more ways to differentiate Android and iPhone users, here comes Hunch to profile, compare and contrast the two userbases.

There have been numerous surveys, polls and research studies done that distinguish the owners of these dominant platforms, but this one’s a little different. The company posed dozens of questions to 15,818 survey participants, and then used an algorithm to ascertain, based on the answers provided, the likelihood of other factors, including lifestyles, income, diet and various other non techie traits.

These are all probabilities, not hard stats, and of course not every iPhoner or Androider will fit neatly into these categories. So grab that salt shaker and take the biggest grain you’ve got before heading into this infographic.

And then tell us: Do these probabilities look spot-on to you? Let us know whether you fit these profiles or not.

[via TechCrunch, source Hunch]