Level-5’s beloved Professor Layton series is making the jump from the portable Nintendo systems to the mobile platform. The next Professor Layton game, known simply as Layton 7 in Japan, has been announced for smartphones.

Layton 7 was at one time revealed for both the 3DS and smartphones, though Level-5’s special Vision 2015 event that brought us this latest news made no mention of the 3DS version of the game. That casts a large shadow of doubt over its release.

Also throwing the 3DS version of Layton 7 into questionable territory is what the game actually is. This doesn’t appear to be the standard Professor Layton storyline of adventure filled with tiny brain teasing puzzles. Instead, Layton 7 makes players figure out who in the party of characters around them is a vampire with cards and fortune telling.

It’s a “guess who” game, essentially, and that doesn’t really fit the bill of what series fans have come to expect from the gentlemanly professor and his kind assistant Luke.

Layton 7 will hit smartphones in Japan soon. It’s bound for both the iOS and Android platforms. No word on western localization has come yet, but we’ll have that if and when we hear it.

For now, what do you think of the Professor’s next adventure?