Are you using a VPN yet? You should be. VPNs help protect your privacy with everything from encrypted Wi-Fi to ad blockers. They're very simple to use and allow for a lot of flexibility. Plus the right VPN won't keep traffic logs either, so even the VPN itself isn't tracking you. Private Internet Access is that sort of VPN, and right now you can make the most of a limited-time promotion offering the service for its previous, lower prices.

That means you can get a year of the service for just $39.95 — just $3.33 per month. It normally costs $119.40 for a year, so you're saving a ton of money. This sale applies to every tier, too. Try it out for one month for just $6.95 or get six months for $35.95.

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Private Internet Access VPN

Browse anonymously, securely, and with no geographic barriers. It works great on iOS, Android, macOS and Windows, and you can use it on 10 devices at once.

$3.33 per month

Private Internet Access has more than 3,300 servers available in over 32 countries. That means you're covered no matter where you want to travel. In addition to the features mentioned above, like encrypted Wi-Fi and ad blocking, PIA offers a ton of other features, too. You'll be able to use PIA with up to 10 devices at the same time with unlimited bandwidth, and you can protect all your devices from malware and other malicious software.

A VPN is a great way to keep your data safe. You'll be able to protect your identity thanks to an anonymous VPN IP and prevent people from eavesdropping on you even when you're out using public Wi-Fi. You can also use PIA to overcome geographic barriers, giving you complete access to the internet even when those websites would normally be blocked in your country (like Netflix).

There's no word on exactly how long this sale will last, so you really ought to sign up as soon as possible at the lower rate. The best part is that if you sign up at the reduced price, you'll continue to pay at that rate as long as your subscription is active.