Last month Silent Circle and Geeksphone teamed up to announce Blackphone, an upcoming Android handset which the companies claimed would offer the most secure and private way to communicate in the age of NSA snooping and smartphone hackers. Now, the Blackphone is finally available to pre-order starting at $629 off-contract, though it won’t actually ship until April.

Google’s Android OS may have a bit of a reputation as a virus-prone mobile OS, at least compared to Apple’s locked-down iOS, but Blackphone’s modified PrivatOS promises a secure experience thanks to a suite of specialized apps from Silent Circle. Some, like Silent Phone, Silent Text and Silent Contacts, are already available for Android and iOS, while others including Blackphone Security Center, Activation Wizard and Remote Wipe are exclusive to the upcoming smartphone.

On the specs side, Blackphone offers impressive if not cutting edge specs, The device comes equipped with a quad-core 2GHz processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, and LTE capability. Whether that will be enough to wean Android fans off their high-end devices is questionable, but for those who put security and privacy above all else, the Blackphone should be a solid option when it launches this Spring.