Prison Simulator 3D Mode

Prison Architect, the usually top-down prison management game, has a 3D mode that's been hidden in the game since version 1.0's release. That's right, this thing has been sitting unnoticed and unused since October of 2015.

The option to turn 3D mode on is almost hidden in the bottom left corner of the Extras menu, and it takes a bit to load up. However, once loaded, this fancy mode lets players take in their prisons from a completely new perspective.

Gary Chambers, the creator of Prison Architect, was excited that someone finally found the 3D feature. He responded to Eurogamers tweet about the find.

You can watch TheLogicalLowdown find the mode in this video here. Heads up, there's for NSFW language within.

Now that 3D mode has been discovered, Chambers indicated that he might take the time to make it better.