Hyrule heroes will be making their presence known in Super Smash Bros. as Link will be joined by Princess Zelda for the game on both the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS. She will be borrowing her image from the popular The Twilight Princess.

This makes her the 20th entry to the roster, and the second female announced this month. She will accompany Super Mario Galaxy‘s Rosalina and Luma to the forefront of battle. Rather than a cute little star sidekick, Zelda will be bringing in a gargantuan Dark Nut knight to dish out some serious looking damage.

Quick note, her batch of screenshots does not feature her transforming into Sheik, so it is not yet known if her signature transformation will be making a comeback. That was the Ocarina of Time Zelda after all.

Nice choice. It was bound to happen, and The Twilight Princess iteration is a fresh look at the character. Still, she’s not Captain Falcon… Nintendo.

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