Princess Peach amiibo Without Legs

Nintendo has pushed a lot of amiibo out the door over the last few weeks. Some of them have shipped with flaws. We've seen a double-cannoned Samus, for instance. Those flawed amiibo have become sort of collector's items.

Now, we have one that's fetched a seemingly impossible price on eBay. A Princess Peach amiibo without legs sold to one buyer for $25,100 this week. That came after 109 bids were made on the unit.

As Polygon speculates, the winning bidder has a high enough rating and bidding history that indicates that they'll actually follow through with this massive purchase.

The $25,100 price tag is unheard of even for these defective amiibo. The aforementioned double-cannoned Samus? That only sold for $2,500. This one earned an additional 20 grand over that one. All for a Princess Peach without legs.

What do you think? Are these collectors crazy? Would you spend your money this way if you had it?