While it might not have the best overall sales figures, the amiibo figurine with the fastest sell-through rate and the one everyone seems to want a second chance at buying is Prince Marth. You can't find a forum topic on the subject matter without an angry army of Fire Emblem fans sick and tired of not being able to pick up the blue haired prince.

Nintendo has your back. Prince Marth's amiibo is due for a second wave this coming spring, Nintendo has confirmed on its official Twitter page.

Of course, Prince Marth is a good looking dude and just an all around awesome character with a lot of supporters in Super Smash Bros. However, fans who are also looking forward to Fire Emblem developer Intelligent Systems' next title, Code Name S.T.E.A.M., also want to use the amiibo to unlock him as a playable character.

Code Name S.T.E.A.M. launches on Mar. 13 for the Nintendo 3DS, giving players plenty of time to enjoy the main campaign before checking out the bonus options available through the amiibo.

Hopefully, Nintendo works out the kinks with its pre-ordering system so everyone besides the bloodsucking scalpers have a chance to get one.