Sony will launch another PlayStation 2 Classic on the PlayStation 4 this week, tapping into its own first-person library and selecting the action-adventure game Primal.

Primal was released during the early years of the PlayStation 2 era and was developed by SCE Cambridge, best known for the fabulous MediEvil games and that bloodsucking Frogger remake that turned up everywhere in 1997.

As for Primal itself, I can’t say much because I never played it. It came out during the summer vacation between high school and college, so I was too busy looking for a job under my father’s orders. Plus, 2003 would prove to be one of my favorite years in gaming, and an edgy, twisted thriller wasn’t really in the cards for me when it had to compete with the likes of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, Viewtiful Joe, and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Looking back, there can be no second guessing as to what this is, an attempt to move in on the heavy action genre that Devil May Cry started, cramming a generic “Lara Croft” knock-off right in the center stage. I’m sure it has its fans, but I’m not overly interested. Smells like a game where “you had to be there.”

Besides, I’m still waiting for Sony to start cranking out some third-party properties.I’m genuinely interested to see if any of them are biting on this latest initiative, because so far, they very clearly haven’t.

Primal will be available with a boosted screen resolution and trophy support when the PlayStation Store updates this week. The game is already available for PlayStation 3.