Pride 2020 may look a bit different than it has in years past, but June is here bringing a dazzling array of new rainbow themed merchandise to a retailer near you. If you're anything like me, Pride is a big deal every year. Being Queer isn't always easy, and for one month rainbows and equality seem to make a push. Everywhere you look from Target to Doc Martens, there are pride themed shoes, shirts, mugs and more begging you to buy them.

However, just because a company is willing to cash in on LGBTQIA+ identities, doesn't mean they actually support them. So I set out on a mission to find as many companies selling pride merchandise that actually donate to LGBTQIA+ causes. In years past, the results haven't been....amazing. Many shops just want your money but don't want to support you, your partner, or your rights. It's about the bottom line for them.

This year, that isn't the case. Instead, there are new companies that are all donating at least a portion of their sales to LGBTQIA organizations and charities.

Companies and Brands donating profits


Zenni Pride Collection

Zenni's Pride collection starts at $10 and goes up from there. Just remember that the glasses price is also dependent on the lenses you purchase. 100% of proceeds are donated to the It Gets Better project.

Pride 2020 Companies Fabletics

Fabletics Pride Capsule

The Fabletics Pride Capsule is here to add some rainbow action to your daily workout. Whether that means hitting the trails for a run, or hanging on a yoga zoom call, the various tops and bottoms have you covered. 10% of net will be donated to the It Gets Better Project for a minimum donation of $25,000.

Pride 2020 Banana Republic

Banana Republic Pride Shop

Banana Republic and The Gap are once again joining up with the UN Free & Equal Campaign. They have a Pride Shop with a variety of clothing items from socks, to polo shirts, to skirts and more. You can also snag pride themed gift cards to help donate. The Gap and Banana Republic are on track to have donated $500,000 in the last 5 years.

Pride 2020 Adidas

Adidas Pride Collection

Adidas has blown the doors off with their Pride collection. You can snag everything from socks and fanny packs, to shoes, shorts, jackets and shirts. While singular purchases won't add to donations, Adidas is a regular contributor to The Trevor Project.

Pride 2020 Companies Fabletics

Doc Martens Pride Smooth Leather Boot

Everyone needs a good pair of boots to rock out with, and Doc Martens are the original black boot. Their Pride Smooth Leather edition features a black boot with rainbow stitching and laces. In association with their boots, they'll be donating $25,000 to The Trevor Project.

Companies and Brands who donate anyway

While the above brands and companies have all pledged to donate at least a portion of their proceeds from Pride merchandise to various different LGBTQIA organizations and charities, there are also a number of different companies who donate money without using products to drive up their donations. We've listed and linked out as many companies as we could find that donate money so that you can ethically spend your money, even when it isn't the most colorful month of the year!

Keep an eye out during Pride Month!

While we've done our best to find and verify every retailer donating to LGBTQIA+ organizations and charities, there are always going to be a few that fall through the cracks. If you know of a retailer donating money, or proceeds from a pride collection, drop us a comment so we can add them to this list!

Likewise, companies like Levi's and Apple who have shown off pride collections in the past have been mum about a 2020 collection. That doesn't mean we won't see something once June is in full swing though, so keep your eyes peeled!!

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