Arkane Studios wasn't kidding when it promised a superior PC version of its latest game, Prey. Memories of Dishonored 2's subpar performance are almost dust in the wind after how silky smooth this latest game turned out… aside from the speedrun glitches of coursePrey recently ran the gauntlet at the toughest testers in the industry at Digital Foundry, and the praise it received couldn't be higher.

According to the results, Prey is stellar on the PC. In fact, it's so good that Digital Foundry actually started taking jabs at the console versions to show just how much they loved it.

Prey is a unique case where the PC build offers an experience so much better than the consoles that it almost changes the game. Prey feels as if it were designed first and foremost as a proper PC game, then was shoehorned into consoles. That is to say, this is no Dishonored 2.

Ouch, I can't tell if this is good new or bad news

Arcane was certainly confident in its PC port, going so far as to dare gamers to use Steam's refund policy if they thought it wasn't up to speed. However, if you bought that PlayStation 4 Pro expecting it to be better than a solid PC rig, then I'm sorry.

This PC version has its console brethren on the ropes, it seems. I guess this is a perfect example of overcompensating. You're not supposed to make your other version look bad by comparison, Arkane. A nice balance is what's recommended.