Oh man, poor Prey for the Gods. It makes a grand debut with a fantastic trailer, and already, it is forever doomed to be compared to one of the most brilliant and beloved games of all time, Sony’s Shadow of the Colossus. No doubt the developers expected this, but it could equally be beneficial by bringing attention to their blooming indie title.

Loyal horse? Check. Bow and arrow? Check. Dangling from the limbs of giant monsters? Check. Pecking away at weak points? You know it. The inspiration is uncanny, and fans of the PlayStation 2 classic know that is one large shadow to have to escape from.

Prey for the Gods looks like it wants to add a few more stealth elements to the hunting, but we all know where this is going. Climb a beast, kill it, get poisoned by snakes, wake up with a bad hangover, and do it all over again. I’ve done it a million times.

No Matter Studios is comprised of three lone developers working in the evening hours to create the game they’ve always wanted. With the simple goal to create colossal moments we’ve set forth on our labor of love “Prey for the Gods”.

Cynic hat off, Prey for the Gods looks solid, especially for a game from a studio made of just three people, and I really like the icy feel it brings to the formula. I hope it turns out well.