The mere fact that a game as massive as Disgaea 5 is now portable is enough reason for me to double dip and close out my journey in the Netherworld. However, if you are on the cusp and unsure if you want hundreds of hours of smartly written anime humor and deep strategy RPG gameplay in the palm of your hands, then NipponIchi has one last tool to change your mind.

Demo time! As confirmed by the localization company, the demo is available today in North America and will be available on May 19 in Europe.

The entire series is now playable on handhelds

All five games in the series can now by played on handheld gaming consoles. Of course, you'll have to split your loyalties between Sony and Nintendo, but believe it or not, there are plenty of rational people out there capable of doing this. The first four Disgaea games, as well as a few spin-offs and sister series like Phantom Brave, can be played on the PS Vita while Disgaea 5 now lies in the hands of Nintendo.

It's a portable world! We're just living in it!

Disgaea 5 Complete launches on May 23 for the Nintendo Switch.