Xbox 360

A preliminary ITC ruling on Monday found Microsoft's Xbox 360 to have infringed on five of Motorola Mobility's patents. The case, which is subject to review by a full panel of U.S. International Trade Commission judges, deals with patents regarding both Wi-Fi and standard H.264 video encoding. Microsoft filed a complaint of its own against Motorola Mobility earlier this year in retaliation, arguing that the telecommunications company was seeking excessive royalties and attempting to block sales of products that include the standards. In this case, the Xbox 360. A Microsoft blog post from earlier this year also accused Motorola Mobility and Google of trying to "kill video on the web."

MotorolaMobility is currently asking Microsoft to pay a 2.25 percent royalty on any product that includes H.264 video. As an example, Microsoft would need to pay almost $50 for a $2,000 device. Google previously said it would license Motorola's patents fairly, but also said the 2.25 royalties are here for good. We'll see if an ITC review in August has a different opinion on the matter.