For years, we haven’t had any good reasons to pre-order games. Dumb skins. Crappy levels that don’t stand up to the quality of those seen in the game. This, though? This is a good reason to pre-order.

If you pre-order Quantum Break‘s digital edition on Xbox One, not only do you get the Alan Wake games and DLC for free, you also get the PC version of Quantum Break at no additional cost, Microsoft and Remedy announced.

To get access to this, you simply have to pre-order the game via the Xbox One store,, “participating retailers,” or you can pre-order the Quantum Break Xbox One bundle (which releases on March 29, a few days ahead of the game) by April 4.

Of course, the game still has to be good for the cross-platform deal to be worthwhile, but Remedy hasn’t failed us yet in that regard. This could be a major game-changer for Microsoft, and something we can likely expect to see happening with their big exclusives moving forward (assuming this does well).

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