I laughed when I read back in August that Twitch was taking on Dark Souls. There’s no way they’re beating a huge, open game filled with treacherous geography and intense combat that depends on planning and careful timing.

Well, Twitch beat Dark Souls, and now I’m not sure if we actually get to call the game hard anymore.

They did get one caveat, though. The game did prove unplayable at first, as they had an impossibly difficult time with the game’s first boss, but a small change – turning the action game into a turn-based one – was all it took to get things back on track. When we look back at the 2D simplicity that is the original Pokémon, this is still pretty interesting to see despite the cheat.

Over the course of 43 days, 8 hours, 14 minutes, and 23 seconds, Twitch beat the Asylum Demon, Ornstein & Smough, and Gwyn, the Lord of Cinder among others, dying 904 times (I’m pretty sure I’m close to that…).

Now they’re onto Dark Souls II. I can’t wait to watch them fall into the pit in the middle of Majula over and over again. Maybe Dark Souls III isn’t off the table after it releases next April.