Ars Technica took a deep dive into Xbox Live user data to tease out some interesting points. One that really blew my mind was exactly how much, or how little, Xbox One users are actually playing Xbox 360 backwards compatible titles.

Of the 1.65 billion minutes of Xbox One usage time tracked, Xbox 360 backwards compatible games made up just 1.5% of usage time. That’s less than YouTube, for comparison.

I find this fascinating, especially right on the heels of a comment made by a Sony exec that seemed to suggest folks were wasting their time with backwards compatible gaming.

It makes sense, I suppose, that the numbers would be so low. Most people want the latest and greatest, while people like me make up the 1.5% time played with older games. I love my older games, and I know I dumped another 40 hours into Red Dead Redemption on my Xbox One earlier this year.

The bummer here is that Microsoft has this data, too. They know exactly how many of us are actually using the backwards compatibility feature. Here’s hoping they justify the expense in the future, despite the tiny usage time.