I was immediately taken by Crawl when the first trailer hit a few months back. I only got deeper into the dungeon when I got to interview the developers about the game.

Unfortunately, the July 17 release date has been pushed back at the last minute.

“There were some tax issues with us being a partnership based in Australia, so we changed Powerhoof into a Company at the start of the month,” writes developer Barney Cumming. “Everything was on track until pretty much the last step, where we got hit with an unexpected bit of red tape that we were told “may take up to 30 days” to resolve. We tried to find a way around it, but there’s nothing we can do.”

Crawl may be delayed a few days, it may be delayed a few weeks, depending on whether they’re cutting the red tape with children’s scissors or those oversize ones they use at ground breaking ceremonies.

The good news is that the release build is finished. The game is essentially ready to go, so the team plans to use the extra time to start working on some of the ideas they didn’t have time to get to for the planned release.

In the meantime, enjoy this gif. I’m hoping IRS Man ends up in the game as a boss monster.