Powered By Android-HTC One

If you’ve had a chance to play with either the Galaxy S5 or new HTC One (M8) yet, you may have noticed there’s a new splash screen during the boot process that says “Powered by Android.” I saw it recently on our HTC One (M8) review unit and didn’t really think much of it. However, Geek is reporting that the logo is now a “mandate” that’s required by Google for all partners releasing new Android tablets and smartphones.

The logo “must be present in order for manufacturers to gain access to the Google Play Store on new devices,” Geek explained. Typically, any OEM that offers access to Google Play also has to cough up license fees for Google Play Services, so it seems kind of odd that Google is requiring the logo. However, Geek says that Google is forcing this upon manufacturers to help spread the Android name among consumers and make it more familiar.

It’s probably not a bad move – we often hear people refer to Android devices as “Droids,” which is technically just a brand name that Verizon Wireless licensed from LucasArts for its family of higher-end Android devices. We find it rather surprising that anyone who owns an Android device isn’t aware of the naming, but it must be some sort of problem.

The mandate comes with guidelines for manufacturers, too. The logo must be placed at the bottom of the boot screen and it’s “recommended that the logo be no less than 40 percent of the width of the screen.” Additionally, OEMs must put “powered by” ahead of the Android logo. Spacing and color swaps are not allowed.

Obviously this doesn’t have any adverse affect on you, the consumer, but now you’ll know why the “Powered by Android” splash screen appears if you see it on your new smartphone. A Google spokesperson had no immediate comment on the changes when contacted by TechnoBuffalo.