Apple’s brand new Powerbeats3 headphones, sold under the Beats brand, are now officially available. The headphones were announced during Apple’s iPhone 7 event when the company noted that they pack the same new W1 chip used in Apple AirPods.

The Powerbeats3 offer several functions worth highlighting. First, you only need to charge the headphones for five minutes in order to get an hour of playback. That’s perfect if you have a dead set of headphones but want to squeeze a workout in – just hit the charger for a few minutes.

Powerbeats3 features Apple’s new W1 processor

The Powerbeats3’s W1 processor promises to manage power efficiently, offering up to 12 hours of battery life once you’ve fully charged the headsets. RemoteTalk controls allow you to manage the volume, switch tracks, answer calls and use Siri, too.

Also, thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology, you don’t need to mess around with Bluetooth settings to get up and running. Apple says you only need to power the headset on and hold it near your iPhone to pair. That function also works with Macs, iPads and the Apple Watch.

All of this comes at a cost, of course. The headphones will set you back $199.95. They’re available in Apple Store locations now, or you can order today for delivery between November 1 and November 3. The Powerbeats3 are available in black, red, blue, yellow and white.