The twisted minds behind Harry Potter shared a truly bizarre fact about what life was like for wizards and witches before the eighteenth century. Care to take a guess? You’ll never guess, so I’ll just tell you.

Turns out, before adopting Muggle plumbing methods, witches and wizards would relieve themselves wherever they stood, probably while making eye contact with each other. My dog has more sense then to do his business in the exact spot he’s standing.

As the Pottermore tweet so gracefully puts it, these grotesque witches and wizards would then vanish the “evidence,” as if it was somehow a crime to relieve your pants. I’m not totally clear on what they mean by vanish, either. Does that mean nobody can see it? Or is the “evidence” magically sent to the Quantum Realm of witches and wizards.

Here’s the tweet from the official Pottermore account, which shared the not-so-fun fact to celebrate National Trivia Day.

So, thanks to the new information, fans around the world will now have images of witches and wizards defecating themselves out in public, like barbarians. But I suppose if you have the power to make things vanish, why not?

As far as lore re-writes go, this is one fact fans really didn’t need to know, because holy crap.