The iPhone 5 is on everyone’s minds since Apple skipped the usual early summer launch; those anxious for an upgrade want to see what exactly it is they’re stretching out their currently aging handsets for.  As seems to happen before every major mobile Apple product update, pictures of potential cases are starting to leak out that may provide up some hints as to what the next iteration of the device looks like, and thus far, if these cases are right, the changes aren’t as radical as some have believed they would be.

9to5Mac got sent some images of a green silicone case that show a thinner and more tapered appearing iPhone, but the rumors of all the buttons going away definitely seem to be off the mark.  (click either image for much larger views)

green silicone iPhone 5 case

The mute switch appears to be moved to the opposite side of the phone, putting it near the rear camera.  While difficult to spot in these pictures as they are nubs as opposed to cut outs, the volume controls appear to be in the same location as the iPhone 4, but as opposed to the individual buttons that are currently used, it appears it may be changing to a rocker style similar to the one currently used on the iPod Touch.

green silicone iPhone 5 case

What we can’t tell from these images as there is no front cover is if the screen is wider as just about every rumor has said it will be, or if anything has been done with the home button.

As with any supposed case, you have to take it with at least a grain of salt as it could be someone working off of a rumor of their own, but early images of cases have revealed much to us before.

What do you think?  if these are correct. do you like the concept of a thinner and more tapered iPhone 5?

[via 9to5Mac]