A healthy dose of images found in the XDA Developers forum are claiming to be of Sony’s upcoming Z1 successor—and, if true, it’s shaping up to be a pretty nice looking device. Posted by user iRimas, who says the device model number is Xperia D6503, the pictures show off a handset with a design quite similar to past Sony handsets —certainly not unexpected—yet a little more refined than what we’ve seen before. It’s got a real thin profile, with what looks to be an edge-to-edge display surrounded by a rounded belt of plastic.

On the bottom of the device, there are three large speaker holes next to the headphone jack, while the microUSB port is on the device’s left side, just above what looks like the SIM tray. The device’s other buttons—power, dedicated camera, and volume rocker—are all placed in the same position they were in the Z1. You can see how similar the two devices are, though this supposed prototype definitely looks more refined.

While iRimas did post plenty of photos of the device, details on what’s inside are sketchy at the moment. The original poster said the device keeps crashing on him, so he’s been unable to really dig through the handset, but initial findings suggest the Xperia D6503 will sport a 20-megapixel camera and revamped UI, and Android 4.3. Presumably the handset will be updated to Android 4.4 KitKat, but since this is allegedly a prototype, Sony could launch the device with the latest version of Android.

Sony’s has been pretty busy as of late on the mobile front, but the devices unveiled in the past few weeks haven’t really been of the flagship variety. With Mobile World Congress coming up in a matter of weeks, perhaps that’ll change when the company officially unveils its Z1 successor, which these images are supposedly giving us a nice early glimpse of.