Is this screen the first evidence of a new Prince of Persia game? The image was originally posted on the official Prince of Persia forums and subsequently to NeoGAF this weekend.

The most obvious evidence is the “POP_ZERO_2 //pop02/” text at the bottom.

Also posted to the thread is a series of screenshots of a video that appear to show the same character standing in the foreground.


The fact that it’s running in DirectX11 suggests that it may be a next generation title, though the level of detail in the image is nothing special. It’s also running at 13 frames per second, and everyone but those angry-looking kids appears to be floating. Then again, if this is real, it’s also very much pre-alpha and not exactly representative of the final product. It might not even be a Prince of Persia game, but it definitely looks to be something legit. It could be an Assassin’s Creed offshoot or even a new IP.


Interestingly, the characters in both the foreground and background look to be wearing ancient Egyptian-style clothing. This is a part of history that’s not been delved into with much depth, and exploring a city like Thebes or Memphis could be a lot of fun if it’s done with care for accuracy and authenticity.

[via NeoGAF]