FCC-ID-A4R-GG1-e-label-640x364 copy

Google Glass may be taking a break from the spotlight, but the project is far from dead. Earlier this year the company put Nest co-founder Tony Fadell in charge of rebooting the headset, and it turns out he may already be done reinventing Glass.

A recent FCC filing for a Google device called GG1 suggests the new version of Glass will arrives sooner than expected. Beyond the name, which is already a pretty big hint, the new gadget also sports all the hardware you’d expect, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a non-removable battery. The device’s e-label also seems designed to fit the original model’s floating display.

Of course it’s possible this new filing has nothing to do with Google Glass. The search giant has a ton on its plate, and based on what we know this device could be almost anything. Still, all signs do seem to point to a new headset.

We also don’t know what form the new Google Glass will take. It’s unclear if Fadell plans to stick pretty close to the original design or try something new; the company could embrace augmented reality to challenge Microsoft’s HoloLens. Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out.