Geek has acquired a series of screenshots that show off changes Google is allegedly making to its Calendar app. This isn’t the first major redesign we’ve heard of coming to Android: similar reports claim the search giant is prepping a redesigned Gmail app that’s already in testing. According to these reports, similar redesigns for some of Google’s other apps are also on the way, with an end goal of making these Android apps more scalable for wearables.

The screenshots you see above, provided by Geek, show a clear and substantial redesign hitting Google’s Calendar. Although the design might not be final, the visual overhaul is now taking a more minimal approach, with a look that employs flatter color instead of blocks and hard lines. This results in an easier-to-use app, Geek says, which was able to get hands-on time with the redesign using Timely; Timely is the internal name of Google’s Calendar app.

In addition to the redesign, there are apparently plenty of flourishes and parallax effects, giving the new look more emphasis. Geek said the parallax scrolling effect was reminiscent of Chromecasts’s home screen. The new Calendar app also has a daily agenda feature, which is capable of emailing users an outline of their day. A launch date for the redesign isn’t clear, and the product apparently wasn’t yet finished. But Geek is confident it’ll be shown off at I/O.