After enjoying a very successful year with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8, Samsung has now turned its attention to the future—the Galaxy S9. We’ve already heard rumblings about its specs and features, and needless to say, it’ll be one beast of a device. Geekbench recently leaked a new benchmark score for a mysterious Samsung device that is believed to be the Galaxy S9, and although the score is impressive, it still pales in comparison to the iPhone X.

The device is question is the model SM-G960F, a model number that has been linked to the Galaxy S9. It’s powered by Samsung’s new octa-core Exynos processor, 4GB of RAM and runs Android Oreo 8.0. It earned a single-core score of 2680 and multi-core score of 7787.

At face value, those are great scores. But when stacked up against the iPhone X’s Geekbench scores, it disappoints. The iPhone X got a single-core score of 4197 and multi-core score of 10051.

So what does this all mean? It means the Galaxy S9 may not match up to the iPhone X’s raw power because Apple creates its own hardware and software that work together to deliver the best experience possible. But at a point, it is mostly excess. In everyday usage, the Galaxy S9 should prove just as snappy as the iPhone X.

We should also note that this is likely a pre-production Galaxy S9. Samsung may make a few changes from now until it releases the phone, which may not be that far off. The Galaxy S8 was released in April, but that was delayed because of the Note 7 battery issues. It wouldn’t be surprising to see the Galaxy S9 arrive a couple months earlier.