Oh, this person cleared the original Portal in only 36 minutes? Am I supposed to be impressed by that time? Oh, wait, he did it without using the Portal Gun? Well, yes, that is absolutely bonkers.

That's exactly what streamer 097Aceofspades did. He beat Portal in 36:07.48 without using any portals, a new world record. How'd he do it? Lots of glitches and spawning airboats from Half-Life 2. He'd spawn the airboats with a console command, and he'd clip them into walls and out of bounds in order to quickly advance through each level.

Here's the full stream of the record-breaking run.

Speedrunners are a special breed, aren't they? This guy figured out and practiced all these absurd tricks and lineups just to shave time off of his run and achieve what you see above. Kudos, 097Aceofspades, color me impressed.