Valve's portal puzzler sequel, Portal 2, is nearing its April 18th launch date. As such, fans are catching glimpses of the title all over mass media. This TV spot is, by far, the largest. And, as with all creative media from games within the Valve library, this commercial was created entirely by the Valve team.

While the spot itself does not show actual gameplay, it does feature the two robots that compose the cooperative campaign. In addition to a single player campaign that's longer than the original, Portal 2's multiplayer section sports the two robots in the clip above and a ton of extra content. Players will work together with two separate sets of colored portals as they try to solve more complex puzzles.

Valve's Erik Wolpaw spoke to Joystiq during PAX East about the difficulty of Portal 2's multiplayer campaign and exactly what types of players it will take to beat it quickly and succinctly:

"I pretty much will lay down the gauntlet and say no one's going to solve Portal 2 in ten minutes…It's going to require this almost dance between two people to do that…people on the team talk about it all the time, because we cannot wait for the video where the guy and his partner who manage to solve co-op in whatever the fastest time is."

In order to help players along that path, the team at Valve have been building some interesting features into the cooperative portion of Portal 2. Players will be able to enter a split screen mode, even if they're not playing locally, in order to see exactly where and when their partners are completing steps.

Features like that, coupled with the difficulty training Valve's set in place with the early stages of the title ,will make this puzzle-based shooter one of the most robust experiences available to gamers.

Portal 2 launches on April 18th for the PC, Mac, PS3 and 360.