As Portal 2's release date approaches, Valve has upped the marketing ante and is releasing an awesome slew of trailers. The clips are all portrayed as Aperture Science infomercials.

If you don't know what Aperture Science is, then you've just received your first homework assignment from a video game news writer at TechnoBuffalo. That's right, you clearly haven't played Portal. Portal is brilliant. It's one of the most unique, charming, humorous, fun and enthralling video games ever made. Yes, I love it that much. And if you don't know what Aperture Science is, then it's time you got down to some Portal-ing. Get the game, play the game, love the game.

Portal 2 is set to drop for the PS3, 360, PC and Mac platforms on April 19th here in the States. If you haven't been following the news of the game and are wondering which version to pick up, Valve's made some interesting publishing decisions that may influence your planned purchase. Buying Portal 2 for the PS3 gets you the PS3 version, a downloadable Steam version (for your PC or Mac), instant access to user-generated content and cross-platform play between yourself and computer gamers.

The 360 version, clearly, is getting the raw end of the deal.

If you love Portal as much as I do, congratulations. I'd give you a cookie, but you're probably already pleased as punch for simply having experience the game in all its glory.

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