plug_in_panamera_s_hybrid Porsche is breeding some new horses in the never-ending race to be green. In 2014 Porsche plans to release a Panamera Plug-in Hybrid. This newer vehicle is a step up from its already available sibling, the Panamera S Hybrid. While both cars reserve the claim for being hybrids (meaning they have an electric motor assisting a gas-powered motor for reduced fuel consumption), the newer “plug in” will reduce your trips to the pump even more. The major gain that the Panamera plugin now boasts is that the car will drive primarily on electricity when traveling shorter distances, due to its larger battery pack. This is a colossal win for you in-city commuters, as you ultimately won’t be consuming any gas. And for you road warriors out there on those extended expeditions, the fuel-efficient gas motor will be activated for your pleasure as you cover miles fiercely in the Panamera. The Panamera Hybrid now sports a 380hp V6 hybrid motor, so we can expect the new Plug-in to hold similar numbers on the power scale.

Final_Plug-in_5You want one now don’t you? All these attributes sound enticing at the very least, but let’s face it, not everyone can afford to buy a Porsche, especially the loaded Plug-In Hybrid Panamera, the green economical king. With almost every car maker racing to produce “greener” vehicles, VW (owning 49.9% of Porsche) has plans of reaching the high-end market with this Plug-in. With the current Panamera Hybrid claiming 30 mpg and costing a cool $95,000 MSRP it is fair to predict the Plug-in version to cost a significant amount more. But have no fear: VW, who also owns Audi, plans on releasing Electrified Q7 & A3 models and a Volkswagen Passat for the European markets. We can anticipate seeing these models hitting the streets within the next 2 years.

Though I’m a die-hard fan of power and speed, these gas prices don’t seem to be going down any time soon, and it’s having a bad effect on my wallet. I’m in high favor for Volkswagen’s move toward a greener future. How about you guys? Are you ready to turn in your gas-guzzlers and take a step into the future?

[Via Autoblog]