Porsche BlackBerry invite

Remember that freaky looking BlackBerry from September that it looked like it may have been designed by Porsche? See the invite above? Looks like we can call this mystery solved … now who brought the Scooby Snacks?  (that’s what you get for solving a mystery, right?)

What we’ve been calling the BlackBerry Bold R47 appears set to debut next Thursday in Dubai, possibly under the name “Knight 9980.”  While the invite doesn’t show us an image of the phone, we can’t really imagine it is anything other than the one we ran pictures of back in September.  Once we matched up the fonts, it seemed like a done deal, it was just a matter of waiting for some sort of official announcement.  TechCrunch got word that it looked like the handset was set for a debut, but they weren’t going to believe it until they got some sort of official word.  RIM has now confirmed that the event is definitely happening, but no pictures of the device were included, or even an indication that it was a handset.

Our suspicions are that this will be a limited edition handset, and not something you can just walk into a carrier store and pick up off the shelf.  It will more than likely be priced well beyond your average BlackBerry, so this will be more of an oddity than something you see people walking down the streets with on a regular basis.

What do you think about the idea of a luxury BlackBerry designed by Porsche?