The Porsche Taycan is the car maker’s first attempt at creating an all-electric vehicle to match the likes of Tesla and other flourishing EV makers. However, Porsche has been adamant that the benchmark in the EV market is not Tesla and its impressive fleet of cars. It seems the German automaker is talking out of both sides of its mouth because it was recently caught testing Taycan prototypes against the Model S.

Tesla Model S owner Frank Cooreman was driving his car through the famed Stelvio pass in Italy’s mountains when he spotted a group that was testing out four cars: two were Tesla Model S models and the other two were Porsche cars that looked a lot like the Taycan, the mythical Porsche EV.

Frank astutely took some pictures of the four cars while confirming multiple Porsche engineers were testing the cars against each other to see how they performed. The two Taycans were black and didn’t really stand out or match the beautiful concepts we’ve seen before though that was likely on purpose so as to not attract attention.

Oddly enough, Porsche was testing the Taycans against older P85D models though there is a more powerful P100D.

For as much as automakers don’t want to be compared to Tesla, Elon Musk’s company has set the benchmark. It seems that even though it talked a big game, Porsche knows this and accepted its fate by testing out its Taycan EV against the best Tesla has to offer.