Lockette is a staple of many Minecraft servers as it allows one to lock their chests, preventing other people from making off with their goods.  Due to a really odd glitch, however, those chests are no longer secure.

In one of those, "how in the world did anyone ever figure this out" moments, it appears that when you dig under a locked chest and place a fence gate, it causes the chest to explode, releasing all of the locked up items.  We shot a quick video to demonstrate.

You have to place the fence gate under the portion of the chest that has the sign on it, but this entirely removes the lock by exploding that section of the chest.  This then allows the person to then gain entrance to the other portion of the chest as well as the lock has now been removed.

The developer behind the Lockette plugin has now released an update (version 1.4.9) that fixes this issue, so if you're playing on a server that uses this plugin, you want to make sure to let the administrators know that they need to install this update as soon as possible.

Be sure to check out the official TechnoBuffalo Minecraft server at Minecraft.TechnoBuffalo.com … and, yes, we've installed the update.