The "ADA," if you didn't know, is the American Dental Association.

Rather than dishing out heaps and heaps of teeth-rotting candy, PopCap and the ADA have paired in order to spread a free gift with less physical tooth decay. The ADA and PopCap would like you to pass out free copies of Plants vs. Zombies for either the Mac or PC platforms. The copies are distributed by coupon and download code.

If you head to right now, you can download a PDF and print off as many coupons as you like. The coupons pack a little information and the special code needed to score a free copy of the game.

Sure, the little kids will be bummed if you hand them a slip of paper instead of a wad of candy. "Oh, great, one of those houses, " they'll think. Just tell them it's a coupon for a free video game that's actually loads of fun.

Then tell them to brush their teeth.