Announced back in December of 2009, the strictly web surfing tablet stood a chance before there was competition.  It was the first of its kind and showed us how sexy a tablet could be.  For a moment, it seemed as though TechCrunch was the real loser in its falling out with Fusion Garage.  Well it looks like the device, after almost two months of delays is finally about to appear on the doorsteps of those who pre-ordered.  Something tells me there are going to be a few unhappy campers.

Engadget received their review unit and posted a brief hands-on walkthrough of the final hardware and software shipping out of Fusion Garage.  Putting aside Engadget commenters' frustrating insistance of an Apple devotion conspiracy the JooJoo's software still seems incomplete, a glaring Achilles heel when compared with Apple's offering.  Although I've never touched the JooJoo and likely never will, this video shows some unresponsive finger input and some quirky (read: buggy) navigation elements.

Tabbed browsing looks frustrating as the device flys from one end of open tabs to the other with the slightest of flicks. The idea of scrolling with two fingers is an obvious misstep and looks at times to be unresponsive.  I sure as heck don't want to swipe over and over until the device recognizes my gestures, it should catch on right away.  What's up with the beta looking rotation?  Can you say 'rushed to market?'

If this thing wasn't priced at the same level as the iPad's entry-level model and reduced a few hundred bucks, the bugs and device limitations compared to the competition might give it a pass.  However at $500, even if it's running Flash, any web tablet better perform better than what we can see in the video above.  Maybe I'm wrong and I'll end up eating my words if I ever come to touch one, but if you're asking me to drop five benjamins on this baby I'd pass in a heartbeat.

Do you think the JooJoo can weather the competition?  From what you've seen, can we expect to see Fusion Garage enduring this years' tablet wars?  Share your thoughts in the comments.